Camp Morty Policies and Community Rules

Camp Morty works very hard to be an inclusive, supportive, and empowering community. To ensure that everyone at camp feels safe, respected, and comfortable at camp, all community members agree to abide by our community expectations below. To learn more about our camper policies, check out our handbook here.


  1. Listen and follow directions given by all staff.
  2. Respect the personal space of others by keeping hands and feet to yourself.
  3. Ask permission to leave your group. Never go anywhere alone. 
  4. Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times around camp. 
  5. We respect everyone’s personal identity and how they choose to express their identities. Any disrespectful comments, teasing, or slurs against someone or parts of their identity is not tolerated. 
  6. Swearing, teasing and racial comments is not tolerated.
  7. Always be on time.
  8. Nothing flies through the air!
  9. All campers are permitted to participate in all activities at camp. We encourage you to try something new!

General Community Rules

Campers should not bring a cell phone, electronic devices, or money to camp. There is nothing to buy, no signal for the phone, and nowhere to charge the phone. Campers are responsible for keeping their spaces neat and clean throughout their week at camp. Each group at camp has a daily program schedule for their activities. Campers are expected to attend all activities on their group’s schedule. Campers will respect themselves, other campers, the environment, facilities and staff. If you feel that your camper may struggle with any of these expectations or rules, please contact us so we can set up an appropriate behavior plan while your camper is in our care. When a camper is unable to meet one of the above expectations a behavior warning is given. Multiple behavior warnings result in being sent home.

We like to celebrate too!

We have high expectations for our campers, but we also believe that great behavior should be rewarded! Each week ends with a camp awards ceremony which celebrates the achievements in both yurt groups and in individual campers. Below are a few of the awards that are given out each week:
Paper Plate Awards – Everyone is a winner at Camp Morty! Completing a full week at camp can be tough, and we recognize that each camper contributed in a big way! Paper Plate awards are created and given out by the campers counselors and highlights something unique or spectacular about them individually! Star Camper Award – Star Camper is the system to recognize junior division campers who exhibit positive individual behaviors throughout the week.

Contact the Camp Directors with any concerns!