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Counselor in Training (CIT) Program

The CIT program is a selective leadership development program for exceptional former campers interested in pursuing eventual staff positions at Camp Morty.
Session 1: June 30st – July 19th
Session 2: July 21st – August 9th

Who’s Eligible:

Former campers that are too old to attend a regular camp session (age 16 or 17), but are still interested in attending Camp Morty for part of the summer and who have a desire to become a counselor at Camp Morty.

What our CITs do:

CITs live and travel throughout the day with a group of younger campers, serving as a third counselor for their assigned group. CITs also have daily leadership development instruction with the camp’s leadership team.

Selection Process:

Interested children should fill out the online camper application. Each candidate will be evaluated by camp directors, which will include interviews and reference checks. Applicatons will be reviewed and accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once accepted, CITs will register for camp as regular campers and be under the same policies as any camper.

Session Assignments & Attendance:

CITs will be selected for a specific three-week session (depending on enrollment). CIT’s will be notified with their session assignment at least 1 month in advance of their session. CIT’s are expected to arrive by 5:00pm Sunday and depart by 4:00pm each Friday. CITs are expected to be present for their entire session. CIT’s will be expected to adhere to all Staff Policies and Procedures in addition to the policies and procedures set forth for campers.

To apply for a Counselor-in-Training position, fill out an online application or e-mail Tanner.