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Programming and Daily Schedule

Camp Morty offers a variety of engaging activities throughout our beautiful camp facility.

Programming Overview

Each morning, campers move with their counselors and their yurt group (approximately eight to ten children of the same age and gender) through rotating activities, and in the afternoons campers choose from a range of activities that change by the day and week. Each camper that attends Morty will have the chance to try all activity areas including swimming, sports, arts and crafts, ropes course, outdoor adventure, drama, dance, boating, and much more! Evenings at camp are always exciting- campfires, talent shows, a camp-wide game of capture the flag- you never know what each night will bring!

To learn more about our programming and see what a typical day at Morty is like, check out an example daily schedule below.

Check out our Packing List and Frequently Asked Questions to help you make the most of your campers week!

A Typical Day at Morty

Goooood Morning Camp Morty!!
It’s time to wake up, brush our teeth and clean up our yurt. The directors will do inspection after breakfast, so make sure that beds are made and personal areas are clean!
It’s french toast stick day- our favorite! There’s also yogurt, cereal, milk, and toast available to fuel up for an action packed day.
Activity One
Survival skills first! We’re learning how to build shelters in the woods and then testing to see if they’re water proof, super useful.
Activity Two
Time for sports! Basketball is our favorite, we’re playing a few games of knockout and then a real game!
Activity Three
Everyone swims every day at Camp Morty, so it’s time for waterfront! We practice in swimming lessons to earn our “green” swimming bands, and if we work really hard we can even go boating at the end of the week!
It’s taco day! Our favorite dance counselor is sitting with us today and we’re so excited to tell him all about our morning.
After a fun filled morning it’s time for us to rest. You can sleep on your bed or read a book, or maybe you choose to draw quietly- don’t worry you won’t be bored, the counselors have plenty of quiet activities available in the Yurt Box.
Activity Four
It’s zipline day at the ropes course! We’re conquering our fears together and cheering on our friends as we climb up the high tree and fly down the zipline.
Choice Time One
Yoga, hiking, fishing, teen video production, synchronized swimming, soccer- there’s so much to choose from and tomorrow it will be completely different! Since all ages participate in Choice Time together, this is a great time for siblings and cousins to get in some quality time.
Snack time!
Today we have apples and peaches- yum!
Ropes course, swimming, sports, or talent show prep…?
Choice Time Two has lots of options! Today I think most of our group will choose talent show prep because we want to do a dance for the weekly talent show!
Tonight it’s chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls! There’s also a salad bar, and PB&J for picky eaters.
Showers & Fun in the Field
Tonight the girls will shower, so the boys will have free time on the field. We can play sports, practice for the talent show, or just hang out and chat- there are always friends around at camp!
Evening Program
Tonight the juniors have a campfire with s’mores and the teens have a dance party!
Lights out for the juniors
We’ve had a busy day and we’re exhausted. Our counselors read us a story at night before bed- I can’t wait to hear the next chapter!
Lights out for teens
Teens get to stay up late at camp, and on the last night they can even earn the privilege to hang out in the Teen Lounge until 11!