Frequently Asked Questions

The Staff and Camp Directors at Morty are always happy to answer your questions. Here are a few questions we see quite often.

Where is Camp Morty?

Camp Morty is located at Sal J. Prezioso Mountain Lakes Park in North Salem, NY. To learn more about our facility click here.

Who is eligible to attend Camp Morty?

Children currently receiving services from Westchester County’s Department of Social Services are eligible for Camp Morty. To learn more about how children qualify to attend Camp Morty, contact your DSS liaison or caseworker or our Recruitment Manager.

Is there any cost for attending Camp Morty?

Attending Camp Morty is free for our families thanks to Westchester County’s Department of Social Services, Department of Community Health, Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation and the Westchester Parks Foundation.

How many campers and staff are at camp?

Camp Morty serves 90 campers each week. We have a exceptional staff of 60 that includes experienced childcare workers, educators, social workers, food service professionals, and a health director.

How do I login to my Camp Morty account?

A campers guardian can always login to their campers account by going to the Camp Morty Login Page. You’ll need the e-mail address that was used to start the application to login. Use the login page to complete your child’s application. If you are trouble logging in contact our office.

I’ve lost my password to my Camp Morty account. Can someone recover it for me?

We cannot recover passwords but we can help you get back into your account. Please call the office and 914-231-4080 and and someone will be able to help you.

When is my campers paperwork due?

Paperwork is due 2 weeks before camp starts. So if camp starts on Sunday July12, then paperwork is due Sunday, June 28. This is a hard deadline. Paperwork must be in and correct by this deadline. Any campers without paperwork in on time will be dismissed from their session. There may be space in a later session for them to be scheduled, but this is not guaranteed. We recommend getting paperwork in early to avoid any issues.

We missed the deadline for paperwork in our assigned session. May we be moved to another later session?

In years past, there was a lot of flexibility with scheduling. Currently we receive more applications for camp than we have slots. So we can only reschedule campers if there is space in their age group. We cannot guarantee that there will be space in a later week.

My child’s medication has changed since I submitted the paperwork. What should I do?

Please call the office at 914-231-4080 to speak with our recruitment team. They will work with you and the prescribing physician to get new paperwork in order. This must be done if there is ANY change in prescription medication including type of medication, dosage or frequency.

Do you have medical staff at camp?

Yes. Camp Morty employs a full-time Health Director who stays on-site whenever the campers are present. Additionally, multiple members of the staff are certified in CPR and First Aid.

Are campers allowed to contact home?

Campers are not allowed to contact home during their week at camp- this is an intentional decision that we feel strongly is in the best interest of the development of each child. However, the directors and other staff at the camp are happy to answer calls and questions from home, and will happily check up on your camper and report back to you as often as you would like. Guardians can be assured that if any issue arises with their camper that they will be contacted promptly- no news is good news! Read more about preparing to have your child attend camp here.

How will my child get to camp?

All campers must be dropped up and picked up from one of our three bus sites in Westchester. Bus sites are in White Plains at the County Center Parking Lot East), in Yonkers at the Dunwoodie Golf course parking lot and at Blue Mountain Park in Peekskill. Specific information about drop off and pick-up will be provided to you in your acceptance letter. Buses depart each site promptly at 3:15pm on Sunday. Campers are returned to the site they were dropped off at on Friday between 5:30pm and 6:00pm. Campers are no longer permitted to be dropped off at camp. Please select one of our bus sites as your method of transportation. Please note that not all sites are used every week, check your confirmation email for details or give us a call.

What is the food like?

Campers are served three balanced meals and a snack daily while at camp. The food is prepared in a professional kitchen by our head chef and a trained kitchen staff. All meals are served family style at camp and though there is a set menu for each meal, there are always plenty of choices.

Other questions? Use our Contact Us page to determine the best person to answer your question.