Preparing for Camp

Thank you for trusting us with the care of your child. We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen Camp Morty and we’re confident that your child’s experience at camp will be a fantastic opportunity for friendship, independence, and growth.

As you prepare your camper for camp it’s natural for both you and the child to feel some apprehension, even for day camp. We’ve prepared some tips and packing recommendations for your child’s stay with us this summer.

Talk about camp with your camper before the summer begins. Be sure to answer your child’s questions honestly, and set realistic expectations for camp. All of these are exciting opportunities for your camper to grow and develop. If your camper asks you questions that you are unsure of how to answer, feel free to give the camp a call and the directors will happily answer any of your questions.

Review behavioral expectations with your child. Your child will be expected to cooperate, follow directions, and interact with other campers and staff. Talk with your child about how to handle negative emotions and review the camp policies together.

Don’t promise your camper that they will be able to contact you or that you will come pick them up if they are unhappy. Except for extreme circumstances, children are not allowed contact with their guardians during their time at camp and the camp takes this policy very seriously. Campers are not allowed to bring cell phone with them to camp. All cell phones will be collected in the morning and returned before departure.

Packing List

Download a PDF version of the packing list here.

Lista de Empaque aqui.

We suggest that your camper be assisted when they pack to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

  • T-shirt
  • Shorts/pants
  • Sweatshirt/raincoat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Sneakers (all shoes worn at camp must be closed toe)
  • 1 Beach towel
  • Allergy-free lunch that does not need to be refrigerated (we will provide breakfast and lunch, so this is not a requirement)

Please notify us if the child that you are assisting does not have all the necessary clothing for camp so that we can work to find a donation before your campers arrival.

Please do NOT bring:

  • Cell Phones or any other electronics.
  • Any weapons (including pocket knives)
  • Matches, lighters or torches
  • Valuable jewelry
  • Money – there is nothing to buy.
  • Camera or other electronic equipment that acts as a camera – the privacy of your child and the other children in our care is very important to us.

If your child arrives on-site with any of these items and they are discovered by our staff, the items be confiscated and stored for the day and your child will not have access to them.

Prescription Medication Policy

Medications that are being brought to Camp Morty must be consistent with medications listed in the Camp Morty Application. If medication or medication dosage has been changed since the application order form was completed, please contact Camp Morty. We will supply you with a medication order form to be completed and signed by the ordering physician and faxed to our camp office. We reserve the right to deny camper admission at bus pick up sites if medication discrepancies occur between signed physician order form and medications that arrive at bus pick up sites. Campers must come with all medications listed with correct dosages. Medications not listed on the application will not be accepted.