From Our Parents

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our parents have to say!

My girls loved the camp and wished it was the entire summer since it was day camp. They look forward to next summer whether it day camp or sleep away. Their brother is looking forward to being able to participate as well!

Ms. Corwell, 2021

Camp parent

On my kids first day, it was hard to get them out the car because neither one of them have been out or in any social gathering or events since COVID-19 – not even school. However, when picking them up they were so happy and telling me nothing but good things… I was rushed out the door to get them to camp early – they were up and ready. I am truly grateful for them to have this experience with you all. I really did not know what I would be able to do with them this summer due to my finances and things being so hard for us. These 3 weeks made their whole summer. Thank you so much!!!

Ms. Daniels, 2021

Camp Parent

Both of my children enjoyed the experience. My younger son experienced his first summer camp experience ever. For a child on the spectrum, I was very nervous but he was well cared for and had fun.

Ms. Stephens, 2021

Camp Parent